North Central Florida

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Keynote Speaker - Rob Ramirez

Captain Rob Ramirez has been a student of the Fire Service for over 22 years and holds a degree in Fire Science and Public Administration. Rob is a state-certified Fire Instructor II, Fire Officer II, Safety Officer, and Live Fire Training Officer. Since 2006, he has served as a Rescue Team Manager for the Department of Homeland Security F.E.M.A. U.S.A.R. Florida Task Force 2 out of Miami, Fl. He has been on many high-profile USAR deployments, including the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and major Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Florence, and Ian. Rob is the lead Instructor of Fire, Military, and Special Operations classes for National Rescue Consultants, an all-hazards national training company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. He co-founded the Firefighter Advanced Survival Techniques program, formerly delivered at the Coral Springs Fire Academy in Florida from 2014-2018. Rob is also the lead instructor for the Firefighter Rescue and Survival program at the Ft. Lauderdale Fire Training Expo and travels nationally throughout the year as a guest instructor/speaker at various Fire Conferences. Throughout his Fire Service career, he has held the ranks of Firefighter, Paramedic, Lieutenant, Dept. Training Officer, and Captain. He is currently assigned to the Operations Division of a busy urban Truck company in South Florida.


The North Central Florida Fire Conference offers classes in leadership, operations, and H.O.T. evolutions to prepare operations and officer level firefighters with career enhancing skills both on and off the fire ground. Vendors will be able to provide hands-on displays to demonstrate the latest innovative products and services available. This conference was also crafted to train responders by local instructors for challenges familiar to North Central Florida when jurisdictions encompass both rural and highly populated areas.


The instructors for the North Central Florida Fire Conference have all been carefully vetted and selected with the primary mission of improving the craft of firefighting and chasing excellence in our profession. Through our lecture offerings, Hand On Training, and fellowship the NCFFC touches on multiple disciplines and various topics that will, no doubt, make every attendee more effective at the job. Driven by experience, knowledge, and a passion for making others better, our instructors pledge to deliver high level training at a low cost to attendees. A “No Ego” approach from our instructors is a foundational principle for all aspects of the conference curriculum and delivery. It is our belief that all training must be realistic and relevant in order to get the most out of our time and efforts. If you are looking for instructors who are into the job and love giving back to the fire service, look no more because you have found the right conference to attend!


The conference will be hosted at the Florida State Fire College which offers a unique opportunity for a collective gathering of instructors for class offerings, extensive fire-ground training props, and be able to participate in hands-on vendor demonstrations. Located in the heart of North Central Florida and originally founded by the Florida State Firefighters Association in 1930, the Florida State Fire College still embodies the tradition of the fire service with organized training that addresses firefighter safety, well prepared responses, and benefits the citizens by saving life and property. Like this conference, it was created by firefighters for firefighters!


Fire chiefs, fire officers, technical and operations level firefighters will have an opportunity to attend various roundtables to address specific needs facing their career, combination, or volunteer fire organizations as well as identify training gaps. The sharing of ideas and experiences are key to growth, there are plenty of opportunities during and after hours for a variety of conversations to ensure the fire service can meet the demands of Florida’s population boom. North Central Florida is one of the main stopping places for relocation.


The Hilton Garden Inn is in the hub of Ocala’s Downtown Square! Located approximately 10 miles South of the Florida State Fire College, Ocala Downtown offers a variety of restaurants and gathering spots within walking distance. There is plenty to do at the hotel and downtown after hours! Like everything Florida, there are also plenty of places for families to explore while you’re at the conference from local art venues, natural springs, state parks and zip lining over the canyons!